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R-Tech TIG 210

R-Tech Plasma P50

 R-Tech TIG 200 AC/DC

 Mosa 200 Portable

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  3M Speedglass Helmets

 R-Tech MTS 210

 R-Tech TIG 160 AC/DC

 Reeflex Welder 220Amp



    Individuals and companies are changing to R-Tech machines!


 Weld-Tech will help you find the right equipment so you become more efficient and profitable!

We provide good quality products at affordable prices!


For advice on your MIG, TIG, Arc Welding, Plasma Cutting & CNC Cutting Machines requirements try our Support Page, or call us and speak to our experienced technicians who will assist you in making the right choice for your welding and cutting needs.


All R-Tech machines from Weld-Tech come as complete packages - just add a gas supply for TIG, MIG Welding or compressed air for Plasma Cutters, ensure you have the correct safety equipment and welding equipment and you will be welding or cutting within minutes. Browse through our huge range of TIG and Plasma Cutter's supplies at unbeatable prices.



SADC Certificate available on some products!

Weld-Tech supplies R-Tech Welding Equipment for, Plasma Cutters and TIG Welders


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 Plasma Cutter P30 Demonstation

 Plasma Cutter P40 Demonstration



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Choose us for the very latest welding supplies at great prices including Inverter TIG Welders, and Plasma Cutters all featuring class leading reliability and unbeatable prices including our in-house two and three year warranties as standard on our own incredible range of machines.

PLASMA CUTTING: Plasma Cutters can cut all steels and aluminium. They are easy to use and very cost effective. You only need electricity and compressed air. A plasma cutter is quick, the cut is clean and once you have cut the material it is ready to weld with very little preparation. Click Plasma Cutters to learn more about Plasma Cutters.

TIG WELDING: If you require high quality welds with a great finish, then you need a TIG welder. When you use a TIG welder, the filler wire is fed by hand, so the process is slower and you need greater skill than arc welding. Click TIG Welders to learn more about TIG Welding.

See our TIG WELDING GUIDE to know more about TIG Welding.

MIG WELDING - The most common type of welding process. MIG Welding is very fast and easy to setup. Wire is fed automatically through the torch by the MIG Welder and the finished weld requires minimal cleaning. Click MIG Welders to learn more about MIG Welding

All our R-Tech Tig, Mig, Arc Welders and Plasma Cutters are fully CE certified to EN60947-1 and EN50199 including the ROHS directive NR 2002/95/EC for Welding and Plasma Cutting Machines - and protection class IP21-IP23








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