Water Jet Cutter


Techserv manufacture the largest range of machines in the UK and are committed to supplying high quality cost effective machines.

Techserv was formed in 1986 and have manufactured over 400 CNC profile cutting machines. The Techserv Waterjet Machine was granted DTI SMART award in 1999.


Waterjet cutting offers cost effective, efficient and flexible method of cutting mos materials including metal, glass, stone and plastics using either pure water or additional abrasive. The process produces cuts with a narrow kerf and smooth edges with no material degradation over a wide range of thickness up to 150mm


Water Jet Cutting Advantages

No heat affected zones, hardening or stress

No dust or fumes

High cutting speeds with many materials

Small cutting width (kerf)




Control System 

The Techserv controller is fitted as standard; this windows based PC control has a full colour real-time graphical touch screen display.


The 750 watt digital brushless AC servo drives and precision planetary gearboxes ensure light tolerances with optimum cut quality over the full cutting and traversing speed range.


Machine Details

The Techserv water jet machine is equipped with a Techserv CNC and a machine control panel. The Techserv CNC is a ‘state of the art’ PC based motion controller featuring colour graphics, touch screen, Intel processor, intuitive operator interface, local area network connectivity etc. The Techserv CNC is fully optimized for water jet cutting, this combined with a position loop update time of less than one millisecond makes it the ideal choice for the low speed – high precision demands of a water jet cutter. The machine control panel has switches for all machine functions including drives on/off, head select, raise lower, set height etc. All the machines electronics are mounted away from the machine in a standalone operator’s console.


The main chassis is fabricated from precision extruded aluminium beam on to the front of this the linear roller slides are mounted; to the rear is the helical drive rack. The whole beam assembly is then covered to prevent the ingress of abrasive. To the rear of this assembly is a second aluminium beam to support the high pressure cable chain feeds to the heads, this beam is exposed to prevent water damage to the main beam in the event of a water leak.


The main legs of the machine are fabricated from the water jet cut aluminium with the stainless steel covers, all fasteners are also of stainless steel. The main drive motors are located within the legs beneath the water tanks skirt, this ensures the sensitive drives are protected from both abrasive  and physical damage. This method of construction gives the machine a very clean appearance with all the mechanical components out of view.


The Zaxis head features twin linear bearings with motion via a belt drive. All slides and drive components are fully covered to prevent damage from abrasive.

Automatic height sense is available as an optional extra.


The twin heads are mounted independently on the beam. Each head has its own carriage with the master carriage being fitted with a drive motor and  encoder. The carriages can be locked together for twin head cutting using a drive belt and pneumatic clamp and easily adjusted for optimum plate usage.


Machine drive is via three AC brushless servo motors fitted with precision planetary gearboxes and encoders. The main drives are synchronized by the CNC controller to keep the machine square; an automatic routine is performed at power on to home and square the machine.  Final drive is via hardened and ground helical rack.


All the machines running surfaces are sealed linear slides; these combine accuracy, long life and low friction. The main drive has a slide mounted on either side of the tank with the outboard slide being adjustable; this prevents the machine binding due to expansion of the metal and so cannot overload the drive motors.


The work support/beam catcher tank is fabricated from mild steel with sheet metal sides and base. The work support is designed to be easily removable to facilitate cleaning.




All aluminium construction

Precision slides throughout

Ground helical rack all axis

Digitally synchronized twin side drive

All running surfaces protected by covers



Windows PC based system

Touch screen interface with full colour graphics

Easy to use operation

AC brushless drives

Full network capability


Control Cabinet

Fully integrated standalone cabinet

Simple wiring/control layout

Easily maintained


Intensifier Pump

37Kw (50HP) or 75KW (100HP)

Long life seal design

Quick plunger removal (patented)

Cartridge type hydraulic seals

4,150 bar (60,000 psi) design pressure

3,800 bar (55,000 psi) operating pressure

Tool kit



Autoline Abrasive Cutting System

Pre-aligned orifice and focusing tube

Tool free, hand tightening assembly

Long life diamond orifice


Precision Z axis

Rapid travel drive motor

Twin linear bearings

Belt drive


Catcher Tank

Large capacity tank

Automatic water height control

Replaceable wear plates


Work Support

Steel fabricated bed

Replaceable supports

Flexible mounting system

Material clamping



Shape definition and nesting software

with process control and costing modules

Cost per metre cutting

Accurate water cutting mathematical model

Simple user interface

Expert system – no cutting experience necessary


Price starting from: R1,3 million plus VAT

Typical Waterjet Cutting Applications



  • Interior trim (headliners, carpet, boot liners,
  • Instrument panels, door panels)
  • Fiberglass body components, insulation, firewall,
  • Under-bonnet,etc
  • Foam
  • Truck bed liners
  • Bumpers


  • Flat stock (aluminium, Stainless Steel, mild steel,
  • titanium, brass, Iconel, tool steel, copper)
  • Ceramics (green state & final products)-space
  • Shuttle tiles
  • Kevlar
  • Laminates (low pressure for piercing without
  • delimination)
  • Phenolics
  • Wax
  • Plastics (high & low density)
  • Medical (eye cornea)
  • Plexiglas
  • Acrylics
  • Cleaning/surface preparation – usually obtained
  • With rotary nozzles


  • Flooring inlay/wall inlay
  • Metal artwork (outdoor: theme parks, special lighting, silhouettes, etc)
  • Floor tile (manufacture – cut to size)
  • Flat glass with numerous contours
  • Outdoor stone (pool decks, custom stepping
  • stones, etc.)
  • Stained glass (crafts, mosaics, lamp shades, etc)


  • Titanium bodies for military aircraft
  • Engine components (aluminium, titatanium, heat-
  • resistant alloys)
  • Aluminium body parts
  • Interior cabin panels


  • Circuit boards (populated & unpopulated)
  • Cable Stripping (insulation coverings)


  • Automotive, marine, small engine, motorcycle aircraft
  • Metal copper. Teflon., laminated
  • (metal/fiberglass)
  • Rubber, corkboard


  • Custom foam packaging
  • Automotive interior/body (door components,
  • Instrument panels, etc.)
  • Dense foams (sound insulation, vibration isolation,
  • archery panels, etc.)


  • Meat processing (frozen fish, chicken nuggets or
  • strips, etc)
  • Vegetable slicing (celery, mushrooms, etc.)
  • Snack/cake products


  • Home insulation (“pink” R-value, insulation)
  • Panel insulation (typically  4’ x 8’ sheets cut to fit
  • specific applications)
  • Boat bodies (trim cuts & hole cuts for mounting /assembly of body)
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) bodies


  • Fabrics – numerous layers at once
  • Sports lettering
  • Slitting operations
  • Diapers, feminine hygiene products ,health care
  • products


  • Corrugated boxboard
  • Fiberglass
  • Paper (where product wetting is not crucial)
  • Food
  • Exotic insulation products


  • Chemical weapons
  • High explosives








 SPEED mm/min



 Stainless Steel





















 Stone, Marble


















miller welder






















3M speedglas



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