GP5000 Gas and Plasma Cutting Machine


Techserv manufacture the largest range of machines in the UK and are committed to supplying high quality cost effective machines.

Techserv was formed in 1986 and have manufactured over 400 CNC profile cutting machines. The Techserv Waterjet Machine was granted DTI SMART award in 1999.



With a robust mild steel box section construction, machined bearing runners and heavy duty drives the GP5000 is optimised for the super smooth low speed performance demanded when gas cutting thick materials, whilst maintaining good high speed plasma performance.

A simple and robust design give the GP5000 machine the ability survive the harsh environment of the profile cutting trade, all parts are readily available and easy to replace.


Available with up to 12 heavy duty motorised cutting heads in a combination of gas, plasma, plasma marker and powder marker.


Automatic gas pressure control and automatic pierce fitted as standard.


GP5000 – built to last.






Plate widths:             1,500 to 6,000mm

Speed:                      0 – 10,000mm/min (std)


Longitudinal:              Dual rack and pinion

Transverse:               Stainless steel band

                                 Three axis AC brushless

                                 Digital drives


Gas and Heads:         Automatic gas pressure

                                 Control with auto pierce


Cutters:                    Oxy/Fuel 12 Max

                                 Plasma       2 Max


Controller:                 Techserv touch screen


Gas Cutting Heads

Up to eight gas cutting heads may be fitted to the machine, giving a cut capacity of 100mm mild steel.

Each head comprised of a heavy duty head and Harris cutting torch. Metal covers are fitted to protect all the moving parts.


Automatic gas controls

When the plate thickness is set by the operator, the machine automatically adjusts the pre heat / cutting oxygen pressures, cutting speed and preheat time accordingly, this gives consistent cutting quality and substantially reduces the processing time.

When cutting thicker steel the machine utilises its inbuilt automatic pierce function. This ramps the cutting oxygen pressure up whilst increasing the machine travel speed.


Auto-Cut Plasma Series

The Thermal Dynamics Auto-Cut series offer premium cut performance on both mild steel and non-ferrous materials. The power supply is designed for reliable, low cost operation. Features like the XT-301 consumable parts cartridge and the machine status indicator make the Auto-Cut easy to operate.

The Auto-Cut plasma is normally operated using economical compressed air plasma and air shield gas for cutting mild steel and most non-ferrous materials, resulting in high quality surface finishes and dross free cuts. For even better cuts on mild steel, auto-Cut offers Oxygen cutting capability. For lowest cost non ferrous cutting and unmatched cut quality use Water Mist Secondary (WMS ™)


WMS delivers excellent non-ferrous cut quality and low cost of operation by using N2 as plasma gas and ordinary tap water as the secondary. A reducing atmosphere is produced in the cut by the release of hydrogen from the secondary water. This reducing atmosphere significantly reduces oxidation on the cut face surface. WMS is recommended up to 1” (25mm).


 Price staring from: R780,000 Plus VAT         


Ultra-Cut 100

100 amps at 100% duty cycle


Cutting capacity

15mm production

20mm piercing

30mm severance


Ultra-cut 200

200 amps at 100% duty cycle


Cutting capacity

25mm production

40mm piercing

60mm severance


Ultra-Cut 300

300 amps at 100% duty cycle


Cutting capacity

35mm production

40mm piercing

75mm severance








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