HS 2000 CNC Plasma Cutter Machine


Techserv manufacture the largest range of machines in the UK and are committed to supplying high quality cost effective machines.

Techserv was formed in 1986 and have manufactured over 400 CNC profile cutting machines. The Techserv Waterjet Machine was granted DTI SMART award in 1999.


Hi Definition cutting at its best.


The HS2000 is designed specifically for the high precision plasma packs available today, every component is optimised to give the best performance possible; from the powerful AC brushless servos to the precision height sense and low mass rigid aluminium chassis.


The Techserv controller is fitted as standard, this windows XP based PC control has a full colour real-time graphical touch screen display. The 750 watt digital brushless AC servo drives and precision planetary gearboxes ensure tight tolerance with optimum cut quality over the full cutting and traversing speed range.


The HS2000 features an integral mild steel fume extraction bed with lockable drive enclosure to the rear. The chassis is assembled from precision water jet cut aluminium parts with linear slides and rack and pinion drives throughout.


The cutting torch is mounted on a magnetic breakaway device to protect it from plate tipups etc.






Plate widths:                1,000 to 2,000mm

Plate length:                 Up to 4,000mm long

Speed:                          50 – 12,000mm / min

Dives:                           Three axis 750 watt AC brushless

                                     Rack & pinion throughout

Controller:                    Techserv PC based CNC

                                     Standalone control pedestal

Plasma Units:               Up to 300 Amps systems

Plate marking:              Plasma and drill marking options

Extraction:                    Fan and filter units are available


Techserv – High quality products

Designed and built in Britain


Price starting from: R945,000 Plus VAT


Cutting Options


Ultra-Cut High Precision Plasma


Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut plasma systems with the XT-300 torch deliver high definition cutting at 100% duty cycle.

Ultra cut plasma systems features WMS (Water Mist Secondary) for high quality cutting of non-ferrous materials. It has keyless consumable cartridge design, which allows user to quickly move from ferrous and non-ferrous materials and different thicknesses. SpeedLok torch head accurately aligns consumable parts with one twist, while coolant tube check valve prevents coolant leakage as consumable are replaced.



Ultra-Cut 300 Ultra-Cut 100

100 amps at 100% duty cycle


Cutting capacity

15mm production

20mm piercing

30mm severance


Ultra-cut 200

200 amps at 100% duty cycle


Cutting capacity

25mm production

40mm piercing

60mm severance



300 amps at 100% duty cycle


Cutting capacity

35mm production

40mm piercing

75mm severance


Ultra-Cut 400

400 amps at 100% duty cycle


Cutting capacity

50mm capacity

60mm piercing

100mm severance






miller welder






















3M speedglas



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