REEFLEX 400amp MIG Welder 

 -Multi-Process-MIG TIG ARC

The Reeflex 400 amp multi-process welder is manufactured in
South Africa, comes with a two year warranty. It is the mines
industry standard welding machine and boasts a 100% DUTY
CYCLE at 400 amps
! This machine can be used for both
maintenance and production applications. Adjustable
ARC FORCE for CC, and adjustable INDUCTANCE for CV enables
each process to be fined tuned to obtain optimum results.
It is built with Siemens IGBT’s.

The REEFLEX multi machine comes with separate digital VOLT and AMP meters, which continuously indicate output voltage and output current, thereby enabling the operator to be in full control of all welding parameters. 

The REEFLEX 400 amp gives the user ultimate flexibility, performance and portability. The output characteristics are changed between CC and CV by the flick of a switch, giving low spatter welding with MIG, (solid or fluxcored wire). It has easy arc starting with LIFT TIG, and excellent welding on STICK welding. 

  • 400 Amp Output @ 100% Duty Cycle.
  • 380V/550V 3 Phase input required.
  • Welding range 40-400amps.
  • High duty cycle - 100% @ 400 amps.
  • Industrial 4-roll geared wire feed mechanism.
  • Infinite control of welding voltage/amperage.  
  • Arc Force - Soft/Harsh Weld - Controls Splatter.
  • Industrial robust metal chassis.
  • L.E.D Amperage & Voltage Display.
  • Cooling fan with thermostatic protection.
  • Takes 15KG rolls.
  • 5 metre Interconnecting Cable 
  • Wire Size: MIG 0,8 - 1,6mm 
  • Rod Wire Size: ARC 2,5 – Maximum
  • Tungsten: TIG 1,6 – 3,2mm
  • Built-In Voltage Reducer
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Fitted with 0.8/1.0 rollers as standard
  • Wire Feeder Features:Wire Speed, Burnback, 2T/4T, Gas Check, Ramp Up, Inch Control, Robust Wheels 
  • Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 20KVA and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation).
  • Clearly marked controls for quick adjustment of weld parameters
  • Package Includes, REEFLEX 400amp Multi-Process, Wire Feeder, Abicor Binzel 3M MB36 Air Cooled Mig Torch, ARC Kit, Earth Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Gas Regulator and Owner’s Manual.
  • Nett weight 39KG - Size 310x265x590mm
  • Wire Feeder 20KG - Size 340,550,360mm 




Welding Package R35,655 (R37,962 incl VAT)

Dual Voltage 380/550V R36,865 (R42,026 incl VAT)


Plus Binzel 4m TIG Torch R1,257 (R1,433 incl VAT)

NB. Other TIG torches available on request

Plus Trolley R2,200 (R2,508 incl VAT)  




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