REEFLEX ARC 160 WELDER - 100% Duty Cycle

 reeflex _arc_160_100

The Reeflex range of inverter welders are lightweight, fully portable, heavy duty industrial DC welders for coated electrode and TIG welding. This makes them absolutely ideal for maintenance and production applications. A built-in voltage reducing device is also available for added safety. 

  • 220 Volt - Single Phase
  • Input Current - 28A
  • Dual Voltage Option - No
  • DC Welding Current - 160A/27V
  • Current Range - 16 -160 Amps
  • Open Current Voltage - 15/60V
  • Constant Current for DC TIG - Yes
  • Welding Lift Arc - Yes
  • Arc Force - Adjustable
  • Max Electrode Diameter - 4mm
  • Cooling - Fan
  • Dimensions - 220 x 200 x 380mm
  • Weight 9Kg
  • Built-in Voltage Reducer - Yes

The extremely high output dynamic response, precise control of the output current and sufficient striking voltage ensures easy striking, low spatter, and very smooth running. These features simplify the welding process significantly, and near-perfect welding is obtained with most electrode types.


Welding Package R7,600 (R8,664 incl VAT)




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